More charges brought against Pennsylvania man accused of placing hidden camera in neighbor's apartment

More disturbing allegations have been brought against a Montgomery County man who investigators say broke into a neighbor's apartment multiple times and placed a secret recording device inside the home that later captured him performing lewd sexual acts

Ryan Selleny, 27, is accused of stealing underwear and other intimate items from an apartment where two women lived in the Kingswood Apartments. Investigators say a more than 8-minute long video recovered from the same hidden camera from the previous incident showed Selleny inside the apartment rummaging through the women's clothing. 

It's alleged that Selleny stuffed some of the women's underwear and bras in his pockets. Investigators said the roommates noticed things had gone missing from Oct. 2023 to February 2024, noting that it would sometimes occur twice a week. 

Selleny, who lives close to each of the three victims, was previously arrested and charged for similar disturbing allegations that were captured on a secret recording device made to look like a USB charging brick that he placed inside a woman's apartment. 

Investigators say in March Selleny approached the victim for a date, but was denied and the victim blocked his number. It's alleged that Selleny broke into the woman's apartment on multiple occasions and placed the inconspicuous recording device in an outlet that faced the victim's bed. 

The victim later recognized the hidden camera and alerted police, who said it contained disturbing videos that showed Selleny performing lewd acts on the victim's bed. Investigators also allege a video taken from the device shows Selleny leaving behind bodily fluid in the victim's refrigerator. 

Selleny is facing several charges, including burglary, invasion of privacy, theft, indecent assault, reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing.