'My heart hurts': Mother of SEPTA worker killed in unsolved 2018 shooting hoping for justice

It's been more than five years since Priscilla Johnson's son was mercilessly gunned down in front of his Philadelphia home, but her pain is still as strong as ever. 

"There are no words that I can even express what I go through every day, every year, every birthday, every holiday," Priscilla said in an interview with FOX 29. 

Wilfred Johnson was walking home from his job as a SEPTA bus driver on Sept. 10, 2018 when police say someone followed him to the steps of his home on North Millick Street and shot him to death. 

"When I got the news that he was murdered, it was such a shock to me because I couldn't imagine who would want to take my child," said Priscilla, who described her son as "a mother's dream come true" and a "kind, loving gentle giant."


Two weeks before Wilfred's murder, Priscilla said she learned of an argument between her son and an unidentified person at the SEPTA depot where he worked. Priscilla said he chose not to report the encounter, but she now wonders if there's a connection to her son's demise. 

"He was my first child, he was my oldest child, he was the reason I became a mother," Priscilla said. "Whatever the disagreement was for that person to not feel in their heart to talk it out, but you would rather shoot it out." 

Five years after his murder, police have not provided any new information or leads in the search for Wilfred's killer. Priscilla, meanwhile, has courageously continued to hold out hope that justice will one day be served. 

"When Will first died I called, I checked, ‘what are y’all doing?', ‘Anybody called?’, as a grieving mother, my heart hurts," said Priscilla through tears. "Even with that I pray and I still forgive you because God has the final say, but I am still a grieving mother until the day I die."

Anyone with information on the murder of Wilfred Johnson is asked to contact detectives in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Police Department has an outstanding $20k reward for information that solves the cold case.