Neighbors start petition after months of misdelivered, missing mail in Ridley Township

Some neighbors living in one Ridley Township community have something more in common than just living on the same street.

For the past six months, they say they have been getting each other's mail, as well as mail of strangers in completely different townships on a weekly basis.

Even worse, they say they are not getting some mail at all.

"When it's delivered to this address and scanned to this mailbox right over there, it should come to this address, but it doesn't," says David Stanley.

He says he got a notification that his diabetes medication was delivered to his mailbox on March 11, but he still has not received it.

"I have a small amount left, but I have to have my medication," he says.

Other neighbors say they have not received important tax documents, bills, and mortgage statements.

Amanda McGuigan says collectively neighbors have filed 15 complaints online and others have showed up to the post office, including Jennifer Reece. She took a picture of mail scattered across the street after their carrier drove through with the door open.

"I took a picture of it, picked the mail up, I took it back to her, she was like, 'yeah, yeah, throw away, throw away,' I was like, 'I can't throw people's mail away.'"

The neighborhood launched a petition, calling on USPS to assign them a new carrier.

In a statement, a spokesman for USPS tells FOX 29 he contacted the local management to find out more about the issues, and also included representatives from the District team, including the consumer affairs office.

"On behalf of the USPS, I apologize to these customers for any inconvenience they have experienced. The Postal Service appreciates its customers and strives to provide excellent service. When mail service issues occur, we take steps to quickly resolve customer concerns," he said.