New surveillance video of Philly officer shot during traffic stop

New video and more details have been released in the tragic shooting of a Philadelphia police officer during a traffic stop last weekend. 

Surveillance video obtained by FOX 29 shows the flashing lights of a Philadelphia Police SUV just before 7:15 Saturday night, on the 3500 block of F Street where police say two officers pulled over 36-year-old Ramon Rodriguez Vazquez and quickly moved to a live stop.

The video then shows the PPA tow truck arrive.

Police say Vazquez did not have a license, registration or other paperwork.

"The officers are engaged for almost 20 minutes. There is no elevation to it. The individual was walking around…I mean, there is just a normal stop," said Commissioner Kevin Bethel.

Police say Rodriguez-Vazquez made a phone call and two women and another man showed up in a separate car to help him get his belongings when one of the officers saw a holster on the floorboard.

"They call for the offender and say we’ve got to talk to you, and they’re walking over to him. At that point he’s carrying some items that he had taken from the car, places them on the ground, and he flees," said Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore.

The video shows Rodriguez-Vazquez pause in the street before running off.

"While he’s in the middle of the street without any provocation, he turns and fires three shots towards the officers," said Vanore.

A 31-year-old officer and six-year veteran was struck behind the ear, and police say, his partner returned fire once before scooping him.


The video shows the officer pull the vehicle up, run out, and speed off to the hospital moments later.

Police say Rodriguez-Vazquez, on the run, tried to get into a nearby garage, approached a minivan and possibly attempted to get in, but the driver drove off, and then forced himself inside a home on East Schiller Street, holding the homeowner at gunpoint.

After a barricade, SWAT officers got inside and took Rodriguez-Vazquez into custody.

"While he was inside this house, he was on the phone and evidence is showing that he was trying his best to make plans just to get out of Philadelphia," said ADA Bob Wainright, Philadelphia DAO. "It's just an absolutely despicable, cowardly act."

"We fully intend to very vigorously prosecute this case," said District Attorney Larry Krasner.

DA Krasner says the investigation is solid and will only get stronger as police ask for continued prayers for the officer and his family by his side at the hospital.

"He’s on a respirator, he’s in a battle," said Commissioner Kevin Bethel.

FOX 29 learned that the car driven by Vasquez had temporary Delaware tags that did not match the 2003 dark blue Toyota Echo. Investigators believe that is a reason the car was pulled over for the routine traffic stop in the first place. 

The PPD directive on vehicle investigations states "while a traffic stop allows passengers to be detained during the investigation, it does not automatically authorize an officer to frisk the driver or passengers. officers must have additional reasonable suspicion to believe the driver or a passenger has a weapon that could harm the officer."

Sources tell FOX 29 that investigators don’t believe the officers had suspicion that Rodriguez-Vazquez was armed until they saw the holster.

Law enforcement sources tell FOX 29’s Kelly Rule that Rodriguez-Vazquez was arrested in Puerto Rico about 17 years ago for a similar incident. 

Articles provided to FOX 29 say the suspect was arrested along with another man for carjacking and firing shots at law enforcement with stolen guns.

Sources say police are working with the FBI on obtaining paper records in Puerto Rico about Vazquez’ arrest in 2006.