Philly community reacts to tragic shooting of police officer: 'It's really bad all the time'

Heightened emotions fill the Philadelphia community Sunday as officers in the 25th police district wait for word about their fellow officer who was shot in the line of duty Saturday.

From officers to residents, many who have never even met the officer have sent out prayers for him and his family. 

Reverend Wesley Howell has lived in the 25th District for more than 50 years and has been counseling the cops for years whenever he’s needed.

"When your officer goes out, you know you can pray," said Rev Wesley Howell/Holiness Mennonite Missionary Church. "Pray for compassion, can pray for mercy, can pray for sympathy, you can pray for protection, but you never know, you never know what’s going to happen."

As soon as Reverend Howell heard about another police officer getting shot, he wanted to see what he could do to help.


"I was here to just pay support, be supportive to the police department, because I work with the 25th district very closely on all issues and I wanted to let them know that I’m praying for them." said Rev. Howell. "And let them know that we’re here for them because it’s a rough job."

It’s a rough job that never gets easier when one of their own gets injured.

Officers back out at 3600 F Street say the men and women in blue have been passing along updates to each other about the officer who remains in critical condition. 

Some people in the neighborhood where the SWAT teams went looking for the suspect say they’re numb to this kind of constant violence.

"There are no words like it’s all the time here, like really bad all the time, kids, shootings. It’s terrible," said Dawn, Kensington resident. "They’re out here to protect us and you know  like really is a shame to where it comes to like all this ya know you can’t even walk down the street with needles. It's terrible."

Neighbors in the area say they hope Mayor Parker can do something about the crime because they do not want to see another cop shot or anyone else for that matter, but they are not overly optimistic.