Delaware police investigate 2 separate rideshare sexual assaults

Authorities in Newark, Delaware say they are investigating two separate sexual assaults that occurred during rideshare trips. 

On Sunday, October 30, just after midnight, authorities say a 21-year-old woman was waiting near her residence for a rideshare vehicle, which had been ordered by a friend. Not knowing the description of the rideshare vehicle, police say the victim contacted the driver of a nearby vehicle and entered the front seat, thinking it was the rideshare.

As they began driving towards the destination, it is reported that the driver had sexual contact with the victim before dropping her off at the destination. 

Newark police say they have identified the driver and the case is currently being investigated by Newark Police Detectives. 


Authorities say another incident happened the following Monday, October 31. At around 6 p.m., another 21-year-old woman reported that she had ordered a ride through a rideshare app. When the vehicle arrived, police say the victim entered the vehicle and the driver began driving towards the destination. 

During the trip, authorities say the driver stopped the vehicle and began sexually assaulting the victim. The victim was dropped off at the destination after the alleged assault, and she later contacted the police, according to officials. This case is also being investigated by Newark Police Detectives. 

Both victims were examined at a nearby hospital, but police say they were not injured. No known weapons were reported to be involved in the alleged assaults and authorities say the suspect in the two incidents are different people. 

Victims of crime in Newark should contact the Victim Services Coordinator, Ms. Melissa Pennachi at (302)-366-7100 x. 3135. Anonymous tips can also be made here