Newborn kittens rescued from under walkway, mother cat is 'ecstatic' after reunion

A litter of kittens has been reunited with its mother, after being rescued from under a wooden walkway near a Pleasanton restaurant.

Pleasanton Veterinary Hospital receptionist Beth Long said on Sept. 7 the manager of the Hop Yard Alehouse & Grill alerted the vet staff about sounds of meowing cats coming from underground near the restaurant.

So the hospital's receptionists Danika Bellmer and Natashia Janes set out on a rescue mission.

Bellmer and Janes helped pull the wooden planks from the walkway, where the meowing was coming from.

What they found was five tiny kittens only about a week old.

Reuniting the kittens with their mother was not difficult.

Just days before, the hospital had taken in a young Domestic Shorthair cat that had recently had kittens, so animal care workers were pretty sure the litter belonged to her.

Just like mom, the rescued kittens were all gray in color.

When they brought her kittens to her, the mother "was ecstatic!" said Long.

Right away, she began grooming them and nursing them.

But the story gets better, hospital workers explained to KTVU Fox 2.

It turns out before the reunion, the momma cat, who's estimated to be only about eight months old herself, was instrumental in helping to save a newborn kitten that had come in about ten days before her.

That newborn was found in the yard of a resident's home. It's eyes weren't even open when it came to the hospital, according to Long.

When vets put the kitten in front of the mother cat, she began nursing the newborn and cared for the little one, as a surrogate mother.

That kitten got strong and healthy enough to be adopted, according to Long.

The five rescued kittens, now about four weeks old are also doing well.

"Now they're thriving!" said Long.

The kittens and mother will all be ready to be put up for adoption in another four to six weeks.