Gov. Murphy urges caution amid spike of COVID-19 cases

More than 4 million people have received a COVID vaccine in New Jersey and that number is about to increase as eligibility is set to expand.

Foot traffic in and out of Gloucester County’s mega-vaccination site was as brisk as the early spring breeze. Pepsi Feliciano got her first shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

"I work from home, so I stay in my house. I see the mailman and it’s exciting to see the maiman. I don’t go anywhere. I want to go somewhere. It’s why I got the vaccine," Feliciano explained.

Injecting doses since Jan. 5, the Rowan College site hit its one-day maximum Sunday of 6,600 shots.

With New Jersey expecting a record allotment this week of nearly half a million doses, Gloucester County hopes to up its daily tally to as many as 8,000 shots.

"I don’t see the demand dropping off anytime soon. It’s a good sign people are excited about coming here. The stories they tell in line, like, ‘I get to see my grandkids again,’" explained Gloucester Administrator Chad Bruner.

But, it’s a delicate dance, a tightrope walk for New Jersey and other states now seeing a spike in new COVID cases, brought on by highly-contagious variants.

While announcing the increase in the size of outdoor gatherings to 200 starting Friday, N.J. Governor Phil Murphy warned the state is one of the nation’s leaders in virus spread.

"We have 4 million plus shots in arms. We have many millions to go, so we cannot let our guards down. At least one in 10 residents have been infected and that’s just what we know of," Gov. Murphy remarked.

In early April, N.J. will open vaccinations to those 55 and older as it races to vaccinate against the spreading virus.

"I think people are just tired of it and people are having lots of folks at their houses, or going out to dinner and not wearing a mask or taking the precautions they need to," Lisa Sanford commented.



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