Video captures moment Atlanta Braves fan dumps beer on Phillies fan amid Philadelphia victory

This was no celebratory beer shower!

In an unexpected turn of events, a Philadelphia Phillies fan found himself on the other end of a dispute in the stands - covered in beer.

Media native Isaac Golub says he was cheering on the Phils during a victorious Game 1 of the NL Division Series in Atlanta on Tuesday when things got heated.

"He was yelling at me that I was disrespectful, but I was just trying to play it cool," Golub says.

Moments later, the Braves fan dumped his beer on the Phillies fan, then threw the cup at him in a moment caught on video.


The irate fan ended up being escorted out of the game by his own wife! 

"His wife was on our side," Golub explained.

The Phillies will take on the Braves in Atlanta again Wednesday afternoon for Games 2 of the series.