Organizations band together in rally to stop Philadelphia's gun violence

Several community organizations came together for fellowship in Logan, because of the violence across Philadelphia and to look for ways to decrease the instances of gunfire.

"It is important that we come together, as African American organizations, to address these issues that are adversely impacting our communities," Donald Corinthian Jones stated.

Gregory Freeman is with the Elks Lodge and he speaks on why it’s necessary to provide an alternative to what is being offered to the youth on the street.


"In order for them to put the guns down, they need something to pick up. So, what we are doing is getting them training, counseling, mentorship programs, jobs. We’re offering mental health, the whole nine yards," Freeman commented.

Donald Corinthian Jones, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Prince Hall Lodge, along with The Grand Exalter with Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of the World, Leonard J. Polk, Jr. have come together to give the youth of Philadelphia an opportunity to succeed in life.

"The more opportunities these young folks get and showing them a different way of doing things, besides getting involved with the violence, the more they’ll have an opportunity to do something other than be violent with one another," Polk explained.

As of August 20th, the city has seen 346 homicides, outpacing last year’s historic numbers. Events like the one in Logan Sunday, aim to stem the literal and figurative bleeding the city can’t seem to stop.

"Let’s not worry about what happened yesterday, or what they’ve done in the past. It’s important to reach out to them right now. Meet them where they are and give them this opportunity," Polk added.