Parents of Cosmo DiNardo headed to grand jury Thursday morning

The parents of a person of interest in the case of four missing men in Bucks County are expected to appear before a grand jury Thursday morning, just hours after human remains belonging to one of the missing men were found on their Solebury Township property.

While 20-year-old Cosmo DiNardo was being escorted back to jail Wednesday afternoon, his father and mother were getting ready to appear before a county grand jury Thursday morning.

The grand jury that could provide some answers in the case of four missing young men from Bucks County, including details on Cosmo DiNardo's whereabouts during the last week.

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"It's obviously a very tragic situation. Mr and Mrs DiNardo are parents and they certainly can sympathize with the parents of these young boys that are missing," attorney Fortunato Perri Jr. told FOX 29.

As FOX 29 first reported Tuesday, the DiNardos were subpoenaed to the grand jury as investigators try to nail down where Cosmo DiNardo was and what he was doing over the past week when the four men disappeared. Authorities have identified Cosmo DiNardo as a person of interest. The attorney for the DiNardos says they are cooperating.

"I can tell you they are doing everything in their power to cooperate with law enforcement's investigation at this point," Perri added.

Sources tell FOX 29 that in addition to his parents, Cosmo DiNardo himself may be called before the grand jury Thursday. It's unclear if he will testify. He could possibly invoke the fifth amendment, refusing to incriminate himself.

"I don't want to condemn them, this is their son, but we could use cooperation from whatever source," DA Matthew Weintraub told reporters Wednesday.

The DiNardos own a concrete company and trucking company headquartered on Castor Avenue where heavy equipment, including backhoes can be found. Searchers Wednesday concentrated their efforts on a large hole that had been dug and recovered on the DiNardo's 90-acre property in Solebury Township.

"What I believe is not material. It's what I can prove that matters," the DA added.

"We can't give any other comments at this time," Perri said.

The DiNardos and their son will be accompanied by their attorneys when they appear at the grand jury Thursday in Doylestown. The DA said he could not comment on grand jury matters or even confirm the existence of a grand jury.