Parents, union leaders demand answers over asbestos in Philadelphia schools

Francis Hopkinson School in Juniata Park is the eighth school to be shut down this school year due to damaged asbestos. A meeting was held Thursday to discuss forming a rapid response team amid the concerns over asbestos in Philadelphia schools.

"If you have damaged asbestos in accessible areas. You put 850 students and staff in the building and you are likely to hit those areas again and cause further damage and exposure," Jerry Roseman, an environmental expert with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, said.

Representatives from the city’s construction and teacher unions met with school officials to talk about forming a rapid response team to quickly fix damaged asbestos in schools.

"If, in fact, we have more individuals help us do this work we definitely want to take advantage of that to get the work done as soon as possible," School District of Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite said.

After nearly a two hour meeting, the group plans to gather again Monday.


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District officials urge parents to check the school’s progress by clicking here for updates.


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