PennDOT ready to hire plow drivers and full-time employees with CDL licenses

Snow isn’t yet on the ground in the Delaware Valley, but plow drivers are needed for when the snow does start to fall.

"I have not really thought about snow," Bryn Mawr resident Hannah Yusuf stated.

With areas out west already seeing their first snow, PennDOT is ready to hire some 600 temporary plow drivers across the commonwealth, even though there hasn’t been a frost, yet and Tuesday’s high was 71 degrees.

"Every winter, we go through this. It’s just that now is the time that we’re calling for this," PennDOT Community Relations Coordinator Robin Briggs remarked.


PennDOT also has a number of full-time openings for drivers with their CDL license and is holding a job fair in Bucks County on October 26th, at its maintenance facility.

"They’ll interview you on the spot, so if you are qualified and they want you, you can possibly walk away that day with a job," Briggs explained.

With a shortage of school bus drivers and truck drivers, thanks to the pandemic, Lydia Fisher is hoping PennDOT is able to hire enough plow drivers.

"Especially with how the roads can get so bad. The back roads in this area, and there’s a lot of those, so for those of us who commute, fingers crossed," Fisher commented.

PennDOT says never fear, between its employees, some 250 contractors in the area it uses and the help of 90 different municipalities, even in the worst of snow storms, it always gets the job done.

"We feel like they make our roads passable, no matter what," Briggs added.

For more information on finding employment, visit PennDOT's website.



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