'People are angry': Philadelphia police address concerns about violence after Mayfair quadruple shooting

A Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood still rocked after three young men were ambushed and executed coming home from a trip to the mall.

Emotions are high in Mayfair after Monday’s deadly shooting.

Philadelphia police say there were over 50 shots fired at Rowland and Guilford Streets. A makeshift memorial has been created for the three young people killed and a fourth who was injured.

"People are very angry. Frustrated. I mean, it’s like a broken wheel," resident Milt Martelick stated. "You’re like a moving target anymore coming out of your house. You gotta worry about getting robbed, worry about getting carjacked, getting shot. This stuff needs to stop."


Members of the Philadelphia Command staff held a meeting at Lincoln High School. Over 100 parents, children, educators and many long-time residents voiced their fears over the increasing violent crime from shooting and robberies to carjackings.

"Good people in this audience, who care about our community and the police care about their community and we're going to do everything we can to prevent that violence," Philadelphia Police Inspector Frank Bachmayer said.

Sarah Caswell is a teacher at Lincoln High School and says everyone is reeling from the violence. "The violence that is happening in this neighborhood has got a lot of kids scared. It has me scared, as a parent."

Many who spoke up are asking police for answers about the growing crime, while many say time is up and are getting out while they can.

"I plan on leaving in June," resident Dawn Gambacorto said. "The last shooting was too close to home and I have a 20-year-old daughter, so being that they were very young, it’s kind of scary."