Philadelphia carjackings: Police data highlights Philadelphia's continuing problem with carjackings

There have been over 750 carjackings in Philadelphia through the first seven months of the year, according to data obtained by FOX 29 from a law enforcement source.

The report found that of the 758 total carjackings in Philadelphia between the start of 2022 and July 31, more than 500 involved a gun and over 500 happened when the victim's vehicle was parked. 

More than 90 delivery drivers have been carjacked in Philadelphia so far this year, and over 30 ride share drivers have been victims. Carjackings that happened while the vehicle was stopped occurred more than 50 times, according to the data first reported by FOX 29's Steve Keeley. 

Thefts that happened at a gas station, when the vehicle was left running or during an accident combined to account for nearly 60 carjackings. Less common instances included carjackings when a victim was getting gas, during a sale, and when the victim was stopped at a stop sign. 


Perhaps the most disturbing data point provided by the law enforcement source is that 513 carjackings in Philadelphia have involved a gun. Carjackings involving guns, according to the data, far outpaces times when a suspect used force (68), a phony gun (65), or assaulted the victim (39). 

The data also showed the gunshots happened during more than a dozen carjackings in Philadelphia so far this year. In July, a 33-year-old man was shot in the lower body by an armed carjacker in Oxford Circle, according to police. 

Honda drivers were carjacked 115 times so far in 2022, which is more than any model, according to the data. It's unknown why Hondas were carjacked more than any other car, but past reporting by FOX 29 found that Honda's are often sought after for their catalytic converter.

Authorities say Toyotas (91), Nissans (75), and Ford (52) were also among the most highly carjacked vehicles, according to the data. 

Earlier this year, the Philadelphia Police Department addressed the rising number of carjackings in the city and provided tips on what people should do if they're targeted.

"You've got to keep your head on a swivel," Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said. "This is just common sense, but be a little bit more hypersensitive."

An infographic shared by the department in January describes the different types of carjackings and where they're most likely to happen. The ‘Safety Tips’ column includes advice like, "be aware of your surroundings," "make a habit to start your car and drive away immediately," and "park in well-lit areas."

"Trust your instincts when something doesn't feel right," Outlaw said during a January press conference. "Keep phone in pocket in case you need to call 9-11."

Authorities urge anyone who may be the target of a carjacking to not fight over the car. 

"If someone is going to take your car, don't try to fight over the car, it's not worth your life," Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Naish said.