Philadelphia officer involved in deadly traffic stop shooting identified

Philadelphia police have released the name of an officer who was involved in a deadly shooting during a traffic stop in Kensington on Monday.

The officer was identified on Thursday as Officer Mark Dial,  a five-year veteran of the force. He was placed on restricted duty immediately following the shooting, pending the outcome of the ongoing investigations.

Police say that Officer Dial and another officer initiated a traffic stop after they witnessed an erratic driver. The driver, later identified by family members a 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry, eventually came to a stop after driving the wrong way down Willard Street.

Both Dial and the other officer got out of their patrol car, approached the vehicle and attempted to open Irizarry’s passenger side door.

That’s when the second officer alerted Dial that Irizarry had a weapon.


Police say Officer Dial then discharged his service weapon into the vehicle multiple times, fatally wounding Irizarry.
Initial information provided by police shortly after the shooting indicated that Irizarry had gotten out of the vehicle armed with a knife and lunged at the officers after ignoring commands to drop the weapon.

By Tuesday night, Philadelphia Police changed their account of the incident by stating that Irizarry was actually seated inside of the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

"At this time, the evidence clearly indicates that the male was not outside the vehicle and was seated inside at the time of the discharge," said Commissioner Danielle Outlaw during a Wednesday morning press conference.

Two knives were later observed inside the vehicle, according to police, who towed the vehicle to a garage as evidence.
Police also say that both officers were equipped with body-worn cameras that were activated and recorded the entire incident. The footage has not yet been publicly released.