Philadelphia SVU investigating after video, eyewitness allegedly catch woman using stun gun on child

Video and an eyewitness report may have captured the moment a woman used a stun gun a child. The disturbing allegations have led to an investigation by the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit.

A Northern Liberties homeowner, who asked FOX 29 to keep him anonymous, says he was working in his office, with the windows open, when he heard unusually loud music coming from a parked car.

He looked outside and saw a woman opening a backseat passenger door on North Third Street, near Liberty Lands Park, around 5 p.m. Monday.

"It seemed like there was a child or more than one child in the backseat," he said. "I saw the woman had something in her hand, and then I saw a flash of light, and I heard that unmistakable sort of clicking sound of a taser or some sort of electric device."

One of the eyewitness’ neighbor pulled surveillance video from his cameras at the time of the incident.

The video appears to capture the noise of a stun gun going off twice a few seconds apart, as well as a flash of light before the driver shuts the door. 


The eyewitness said that although the music was loud, he could hear what sounded like a "child moaning in pain."

"I could see the arm sort of where the light seemed to make contact," he said. "Then I could see again what looked like the arm of a child kind of struggling with her in the front seat after it happened."

He immediately called 911, but by the time he got downstairs to try to get a license plate, the car had driven off.

SVU Captain James Kearney tells FOX 29 they are hoping someone has additional video that captured a license plate, or someone can identify the woman, so they can investigate exactly what happened and make sure everyone in the car is safe.

"Obviously it’s very concerning for the kids who were involved in this, so hopefully something can be done," the eyewitness says.