Police investigate attempted luring of 2 boys in Delaware County

Police are investigating a possible attempted luring of two boys playing soccer in broad daylight in Delaware County.

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The alleged incident happened in the Pennell Place subdivision of Middletown Township just a half-mile away from the State Police barracks in Media on Sept.  18.

Neighbors are told the man approached a fence, bordering a backyard, where two young boys were playing soccer. Police say that man asked the boys to leave the backyard so he could show them something.

The man again raised his voice telling the boys to come with him instead they ran inside to their parents, according to police.

State Police released a vague description of a white male who is about 5-foot-10-inches with gray hair. He was driving a dark-colored SUV. The man had a distinct voice the boys say sounded like Goofy from Mickey Mouse.

The incident happened more than two weeks ago, but it wasn’t until after hearing of the rash of other recent luring attempts the parents finally called police.

Police are investigating if this incident is connected to other attempted luring incidents in the area.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police 484-840-1000.