Police: Male suspect in Prospect Park burglary of elderly woman arrested in Arizona

One of two suspects who, police say, burglarized the home of an 83-year-old grandmother in Prospect Park in September is in police custody.

Police say Anthony Miguel was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona. Officials say Miguel is facing similar charges in Arizona, and he will be extradited back to Pennsylvania at a date yet to be determined.

Police say Miguel and Tasha Delmaro approached the grandmother while she was tending to her garden in Delaware County and asked to use the restroom.

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Authorities say that’s when Miguel went inside and stole the woman’s jewelry.

Police say the suspects even used their young children as bait to carry out the crime.

Police say this is not the first time that this couple has committed a heist like this. Delmaro and Miguel are wanted in several states across the country for similar crimes, a scam that police say they have down pat.

"They get arrested, they post bail, and then they skip bail. They change identities so often, they change their name, configurations of their names, use different DOB’s and social security numbers to blend into society," said Prospect Park Police Chief David Madonna.