Elderly woman hospitalized for trauma after suspects rob her home in Delaware County

Prospect Park Police are investigating a theft against an elderly woman who they say was simply gardening in her front yard when she was taken advantage of by two suspects. 

On September 12, police say an 83-year-old woman was approached by two suspects, who they later identified as Anthony Miguel, 29, and Tasha Delmaro, 31, at her home in Prospect Park. 

Authorities say the suspects asked the woman about the RV that she had in her driveway as a way to distract her while she was mindlessly gardening. 

While the woman was chatting with Delmaro about the RV, authorities say Miguel asked the victim if he could use her bathroom and she gladly agreed and let him inside. Instead of using the bathroom, officials say Miguel took all the jewelry he could from the victim's home. 

Prospect Park Police Chief David Madonna says the suspects showed absolute cruelty in committing this crime as they even used their children as bait for the victim. 

"This is a woman who was so kind and so trustworthy that she actually gave snacks to the children that were in the backseat of the car. While being robbed, she provided snacks and water for the children in the back seat, [they’re] creeps," said Chief Madonna. 


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FOX 29's Marcus Espinoza spoke with a neighbor who lives down the street from the victim. While the neighbor wished to remain anonymous, he said he can't believe someone would take advantage of the kindest person on the block.  

"It’s terrible they would do that," he said. "She’s just a nice old lady, and they took advantage of her, it’s just not right."

Police say this is not the first time that this couple has committed a heist like this. Delmaro and Miguel are wanted in several states across the country for similar crimes, a scam that police say they have down pat. 

"They get arrested, they post bail, and then they skip bail. They change identities so often, they change their name, configurations of their names, use different DOB’s and social security numbers to blend into society," said Chief Madonna. 

While the victim was not physically attacked, she did go to the hospital for trauma, according to officials.  

Police are advising everyone to remain vigilant and cautious of strangers asking for favors and anyone who may know of the suspects whereabouts is asked to contact them.