Police: Sending of white supremacist fliers not criminal

Police in Montgomery County say no crime was committed after a number of residents reported receiving racist fliers in their mailboxes.

The Borough of East Greenville Police Department wrote on their Facebook page that a number of fliers were mailed to residents, and they appeared to be from a white supremacist organization.

A FOX 29 viewer shared photos of at least two of the fliers, one of which reads "White and Proud" and shows a man holding a flag with a swastika. The flier also included a link to a website, and an Adolf Hitler quote on the back of the flier.

Another flier reads "Welcome to 'Multicultural' USA. Feeling enriched?" and included an illustration of a white man being the victim of a robbery. The second flier included a link to the same website.

The Department wrote on Facebook that the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office determined no crime was committed by the person who mailed the fliers. The department added that anyone who received them should feel free to dispose of them properly.