Police: Swimmers booted from Kensington pool injured staff members, vandalized cars

Authorities say five people were hurt and several cars were vandalized when three unruly swimmers became violent after being told to leave a Philadelphia pool. 

The incident happened Thursday afternoon at the McVeigh Playground Rec Center on the 400 block of East Ontario Street, according to police.

Investigators say staff members repeatedly asked three female swimmers to leave for "unruly behavior" but they refused and became hostile. The swimmers continued to sit at the end of the pool threaten staff members, police said. 

Staff members closed the pool and all other swimmers left without an issue, according to police. The female swimmers then attempted to follow the pool employees into the rec center building. The employees attempted to block them from entering and police say a physical altercation ensued as two of the swimmers began 'swinging their fists and their hands at the pool staff. 

Staff members were able to get the combatants out of the building at which point police said they vandalized three parked cars. Amid the chaos, police say two unknown men entered the rec center building and took an employee's bag which was later recovered. 


Police say five people between the ages of 17 and 63 were hurt during the incident, but none of the injuries appear to be serious. The damage to the three parked cars includes a broken windshield, a dent on a roof and scratches. 

Authorities said the females all left the area before police arrived. No arrests have been made as of Friday afternoon.

Investigators say they have recovered some video and interviewed witnesses. In a press conference Friday afternoon, police encouraged the three female swimmers to contact police. 

"Pools are supposed to be a safe place for kids that they can go and relax and cool off, and it's unfortunate that the actions of a few kind of ruined it for the community," said Philadelphia Police Captain Matthew James.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact police.