Principal reinstated at Padua Academy

Officials say the principal at Padua Academy has been reinstated. The news comes after students and parents demanded her reinstatement. Students wore pink and protested in her honor last week.

St. Anthony of Padua Parish released the following statement regarding Cindy Mann:

"St. Anthony of Padua Parish announced today that Mrs. Cindy Mann has been reinstated as Principal of Padua Academy, under the terms of her current contract, by Fr. Nicholas F. Waseline, O.S.F.S., Pastor of the Parish. Fr. Waseline took this action in the best interests of Padua Academy and its students, and in the hope that Mrs. Mann and he can work together for the benefit of both the Academy and the Parish. Mrs. Mann may return to work as soon as her treating physician certifies that she is able to resume her duties as Principal. After Mrs. Mann returns to work, as the end of the school year approaches, Fr. Waseline and she will discuss the renewal of her contract. The Parish is willing to consider a two-year renewal, which would be inconsistent with diocesan policy, but the Diocese is willing to make an exception for Mrs. Mann under the circumstances."