Radnor Twp. volunteer firefighters to receive bonuses for service

Local fire departments desperately need volunteer firefighters so much, some departments are offering a bonus.

Dozens of dedicated volunteer firefighters in Radnor Township, who answer the call day and night, could be getting $1,000 just for their volunteer efforts.

"This is a big deal to have accomplished this, working with Radnor Township commissioners and stuff to get this done is unique," Executive Director of Radnor Fire Company Eamon Brazunas stated.

The township now offering the bonus to volunteers who respond to a certain percentage of calls as incentive to retain members, as well as attract new ones. It comes at a time when volunteerism is at a critical low, nationwide.


"If some program like this even gets us one or two people, if we can tell them there’s something else the township offers, because they appreciate your service, then that’s gonna help us," Chief Joe Maguire, of the Radnor Fire Company, explained.

"This is a motivator. This gives them a little bit of a push. ‘Hey I’m gonna stick it out a couple more years,’" Brazunas added.

Radnor Township had considered a property tax credit, which some communities are offering, but felt more people would qualify for the $1,000.

"We ultimately decided to go with this route because tax credits are limited only to homeowners and one person in the house," Radnor township Manager Bill White remarked.

Jared Scott has been a volunteer with the Radnor Fire Company for about five years. He’s a father and works full-time. He volunteers for the love of it, but recognizes the value of the gesture.

"It says something. It’s a mark. It’s a symbol of respect. It’s a mark that says we are appreciated," Scott commented.

"This is a stepping stone. Maybe this can lead to something else down the road, but this is a very good start for us," Chief Maguire elaborated.



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