Ram captured after it was spotted running through New Jersey town

(Mount Laurel Police Dept. )

First, Philly had its viral horse. Then, Mount Laurel had its ram on the run.  

Police now say they have captured the ram and have reunited it with its owner after it was seen roaming the township Thursday night. 

After a lengthy foot chase, police say they were able to capture the ram in a backyard on Horseshoe Drive Friday morning. 

Prior to its capture, news of a ram on the lam created quite a stir. 

"We're aware of the loose ram roaming around. What the? That is crazy," said Dennis Moraldo after reading the original social media post by the Mount Laurel Police Department about a ram on the loose.  "If I saw it roaming around I would call the cops. I am not touching that. I do not know what diseases it has. It could hurt me."

The original post included pictures of a ram and asked that people spread the word about it and for help finding its owner.

"Those, whatever those are called, they're going to stab me with that," Moraldo said about the horns on its head.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson spoke to more people in the Mount Laurel area who said they had not heard about it or seen it. In fact, some were almost speechless.

"It's interesting. I do not know," one man laughed.