Red-light cameras installed at Bucks County intersections will bring fines for those running lights

A Bucks County intersection is a nightmare and is considered one of the most dangerous in the entire country.

Police are now ramping up a new effort to make the streets safer.

"This is the most dangerous intersection in the country," Ron Krier stated. "Time and again, I have seen multiple accidents out here. I have customers of mine that call me and tell me to turn on my cameras and I can watch the accident that just happened."

Krier’s car insurance business is right at the intersection of Knight and Street roads in Bensalem, one of two intersections with new red-light cameras installed right outside his business door.

Starting Saturday, $100 fines start for any vehicle pictured caught running a red light, in the hope fines will get people to stop and reduce the high number of crashes.

The new cameras were installed months ago and a grace period started April 1st with those captured running red lights receiving only warnings in the mail.

Bensalem police said they were shocked by how many were sent in the first month alone, a total of 7,500 and most of them – 5,200 - were for infractions at the Street and Knight roads intersection.

"We see the flashes all day. At night, it’s like, ‘Woah! Who’s taking a picture?’ All day, they’re just going, going, going," resident Grace Villa Gomez explained.

Nestled among mostly businesses, a family at the intersection.

"We have lived here for about eight years," Grace said. Their house and their bedroom are just feet away. "There are accidents, literally, I would say at least once a week.

"What’s it like living just feet away? You sleep just feet away from the most dangerous intersection in the country," FOX 29’s Steve Keeley inquired.

"Honestly, this is pretty scary sometimes, because we’re literally right in the corner. So, with car accidents, it could just come right into the house. But, luckily, it hasn’t happened," Grace replied.

So, before it does happen, Grace and her family welcome the red-light cameras. "I think they should have done that a lot sooner."

The other set of cameras have been installed at Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway. Fines begin June 1st.