Religious leaders in Delaware denounce Tyre Nichols killing, call for police reforms

A group of religious leaders in Delaware denounced the police killing of Tyre Nichols days after shocking body camera footage was released and called for reforms in their state.

The Interdenominational Ministers Action Council (IMAC) of Delaware gathered Tuesday in Wilmington for a press conference on what they called the "Memphis Murder" of Nichols. 

"This killing of their kin was just another day at the job: inhumane, unconscionable, and just sheer evil, I guess everyone in our skin isn’t our kin," IMAC President Bishop George Gibson said. 

Activists also turned their focus to Delaware and what they claim is its "secretive process" of disciplining police that they want to be opened to public scrutiny. 

The leader of Wilmington's City Council also called for the immediate shutdown of the police department's Safe Streets Unit, which he claimed has been abusive. 

"They are extremely abusive and overreaching. We have several complaints from residents they’ve abused their rights, and have been abusive of family rights," Trippi Congo said.

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki told FOX 29’s Jeff Cole over the years there have been abuse allegations against the unity, but he claimed there had been only one complaint in all of 2022.  

Keandra McDole shouted at the gathering from the fringe of the event. Her 28-year-old brother Jeremy was killed by police in 2015. 

"You want to see the result of somebody’s family member who gets killed by police – it’s right here," Keandra said. 

While state investigators were sharply critical of Wilmington police, who claimed McDole had a gun, officers were not prosecuted in the killing.