Residents of small New Jersey town flood meeting on massive warehouse project proposal

Concerned residents of a rural New Jersey suburb packed a public meeting Thursday night about a proposed 2 million square foot warehouse. 

Crowds at the Harrison Township Land Use meeting grew so large they postponed the meeting where final approval for the project was anticipated. 

The planned 160 acre site sits near highway 322 and the New Jersey Turnpike. Russo Development says the plans have been more than 4 years in the works and fully vetted at numerous hearings.

Residents like Kim Rohrbacher, who moved to South Jersey from New York to escape the traffic and noise, are in stern opposition of the project. 


"No one is going to want to live here anymore," Rohrbacher. "Would you want to live with a 2-million square foot warehouse in your backyard?"

With lots of open land and quick access to major interstates, the once-time farming community is quickly being transformed into a light industrial logistics hub. 

"We are hoping to send a message, have our voices be heard and let Mayor Manzo and the people of our town to know you have messed with the wrong people," a resident said. 

Residents have filed a civil lawsuit against the mayor and the township in hope of blocking the project. A rescheduled meeting at a larger venue will happen on Dec. 15.