Riders happy as regional rail service ramps up service

SEPTA has ramped up regional rail service to include hourly weekday service on most lines and commuters are thrilled.

"Today was our first day back so it was nice. It was empty and it was on time," said Wendy. She and her daughter were returning home from their first ride on the Regional Rail since the coronavirus restricted even shutdown some services.

"We went from Center City Jefferson station all the way up to Mt. Airy," she said. She’s one of one of several people we saw passing through the Jefferson Station in Center City.

SEPTA announced it added two regional rail lines back into service over the weekend and trains will run more frequently.

"I've been taking the train for four weeks now," said Rebecca Wissner. She’s back at work and Septa expanding hours is a plus. But the corona virus remains top of mind especially when she boards a train three times a week.

“It takes me an hour to get out from where live to my place of work and then having the train schedules only every two hours was kind of really difficult to do it. So I'm happy it's expanding but at the same time it's little scary," said Wissner.

Chestnut Hill East Station saw traffic too. But people say ridership isn't anywhere near where it was before the quarantine.

"I've seen mostly people wearing masks and the trains have been on time for once which is good, a good change. Then it's been pretty empty to my commute prior to the shutdown," said Wissner.

More information on newly expanded bus, train and trolly schedules can be found on SEPTA's website.


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