Safety on campuses is goal of app designed by student with terrifying life experience

Keeping college kids safe is the main goal of a new app launching soon. It was created by a local Rowan University student, after her own terrifying experience. PULLATracker allows a person to notify police, fire or EMS in just seconds.

"A lot of parents are really focused on safety. If you’re going to college and a lot of students are focused on their social life, okay and I think I understand where the priorities lie, but the student should be focused more on safety," explained Siena Rampulla, creator of PULLATracker.

Rampulla is speaking from a personal place. FOX 29 spoke to her almost two years ago after her Rowan University roommates faced a scary situation on campus in 2022. An intruder broke into their home, allegedly terrorizing those inside and eventually found hiding under a kitchen sink.

Rampulla described the scene, "He broke in at the end of our spring break in 2022, in his car. He had our mail and our undergarments. It was a very creepy situation. Essentially, after something like that happens to you, you lose the privilege of something falling in the middle of the night and thinking, ‘Oh well, that’s nothing. It’s not a person.’"


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At the time, she was in the middle of a pitch competition at Rowan, pitching an app to help women travel through Europe. When her roommates experienced the break-in, her focus shifted to an app focusing on the safety of college kids.

"PULLATracker is a safety button app. The user can press down on the safety button for as long as they need it. When they release their finger, a 15-second timer pops up," Rampulla described the ease of the app. "You have the option of passing the timer and then putting in your four-digit code, and then canceling the alarm or you have the option of choosing police, fire or EMS."

An app designed to call for help in an emergency in the most discreet way, eventually launching as a free download for a two-week trial and a subscription of $7.99 a month.

"So, you just press it like this for as long as you need. The button will turn red and then there’s a 15-second timer starting. You’re able to choose from ambulance, police or fire. God forbid you need more time, you drop your phone, there’s a 10-second timer there," Rampulla commented.

She says with lots of beta testing and research, she’s hopeful PULLATracker can make all the difference for many looking to stay safe on and off campus.

"I want PULLATracker to be in every college across America and I don’t think that is too large of a goal. I think that’s something that’s totally feasible, and especially because colleges care about their students and their students’ well-being."

PULLATracker is giving her the same sense of security she wishes she had when she dealt with the ordeal and she hopes more parents and students feel safer moving forward. "People have texted me telling me, ‘Siena I wish I had PULLATracker. I just got followed in Philly, I just got followed on campus.’ PULLATracker’s number one mission is to ensure students feel secure on college campuses. A 21st Century solution to a 21st Century problem."