Some Philadelphia families say they feel trapped in violent neighborhoods

Some Philadelphia residents tell FOX 29’s Bill Anderson they feel trapped inside their own homes and are in desperate need of help and support to keep themselves and their families safe. 

Be honest with yourself. When you see stories of violence in our communities, how often do you assume that the people involved brought it on themselves in some way? 

In many cases, or arguably most cases, that assumption is just not true. 

FOX 29 spoke to numerous people who have either been impacted by gun violence or simply can’t afford to move out of neighborhoods that are. 

"I don't have the funds where I can just get up and move.  If I could just leave I would've," one resident emotionally explained to our Bill Anderson. 

"I feel locked in. I got depression and my anxiety is so high. I just like I don't want to be here," another resident added. 


They are terrified to speak because they say they’re trapped in neighborhoods where as much as they want better, speaking up can cost them their life, or the lives of their children. 

Why don’t people speak up? Why won’t they testify in court? 

"Because when they do testify, then what? They promise us, ‘Oh, we're going to help you. We’re going to move you. We’re going to relocate you.’ And they don't," one of the residents explained. 

"My son wants to play basketball there are days that I literally beg and cry. He's like, ‘Mom you're trying to put me in a bubble you gotta let me live my life.’ But I'm scared. Why do I have to be scared to let my son go play basketball? He's a child. That's what kids do," the other resident added. 

Both residents spoke to us for one simple reason. They hope that hearing how people - good people - are forced to live and raise their children will make others want better for their neighbors even if we’re not personally affected. At least not yet. 

"I tell them that I'm going to try and I'm lying to them because I can't because it's just me. So I just tell them, ‘Mommy's gonna protect us, we’re gonna get out of here one day.’ But that one day might be too late," one of the residents explained. 

For more on their stories, watch the video above. 



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