South Street shooting: Security officer shot as ATVs, dirt bikes bring festival to chaotic end

A night of celebration and family fun on South Street came to an abrupt end Saturday as chaos quickly unfolded and shots rang just out moments later.

Police say it all began when a group of dirt bikes, ATVs and a "Slingshot" three-wheeled motorcycle started removing barricades that had been put up for the South Street Festival.

Vendors were removing their tents and closing up trailers when the group started to "beam down" 8th Street.

"Employees of the festival were irate at the fact that they were out here acting like they're acting," said Philadelphia Police Captain Anthony Ginaldi.


Just a block away on 7th Street, police say a female passenger of the "Slingshot" got into a physical fight with a female vendor just before 11 p.m.

They were separated by a security officer, who was struck in the leg and stomach when the male driver fired two shots. The officer was taken to Jefferson Hospital by police and placed in critical condition.

All vehicles fled the scene, but police believe video from the area will lead to an arrest as an investigation is underway.

Captain Ginaldi also said Philadelphia officers were responding to one incident on 13th and Lombard, and another near Second Street as the chaotic scenes erupted further up on South Street.