Student-run Instagram account on Temple public safety strives for transparency from university

A Temple University student frustrated with the school's perceived lack of communication about public safety has started his own Instagram account to keep his peers informed. 

John Mangan, a senior finance major, runs the account "Keep_Us_Safe_TU' and has a growing base of followers. 

"We want Temple to be honest, and we want Temple to be transparent and alert students ," Mangan said. "It's resonating with students and Philadelphia has really hopped on too."

Safety on and around Temple's North Philadelphia campus has long been a hot button issue, but a recent spate of violence that victimized students living in off-campus housing has the community on edge.


In November alone, authorities investigated three armed home invasions that targeted Temple students and a firebombing at a rowhome where four students lived. 

No one was physically hurt in the terrifying stretch of violence. A 25-year-old man was charged in the home invasions and another man was arrested for the firebombing

Mangan claims Temple didn't make the community aware of the first home invasion that happened on 18th and Berks streets. 

"I think as soon as something like that happens and you know about it, say ‘students, look, this happened, we’re going to find out who did it and we're going to stay by you guys," Mangan said. 

Temple said it didn't send out details of the firebombing because it happened outside the school's patrol zone and there was no imminent threat. 

"In the last three weeks alone, the university has administered six separate university-wide communications related to either campus safety or crimes that have happened near Temple's campus," a statement from Temple read.

Mangan and Vice President of Public Safety Jennifer Griffin had a positive conversation Thursday about improving public safety. 

"We just kind of have to keep our heads on a swivel and just do the best things we can do to keep ourselves safe," Temple senior Annie Elliott said.