This is how much money you need to make to be happy living in Delaware, survey finds

So, what is happiness and what does it take to make people happy?

A new study reveals happiness is all about the Benjamins, the more, the merrier and each state has its own dollar amount to achieve happiness.

The study was published by Purdue University and Go Banking Rates and it assigns each of the 50 United States a dollar amount to earn in order to be happy.

According to the study, which was published in the journal of Nature Human Behavior, income has a correlation with emotional well-being and life satisfaction.


The study's researchers factored in each state's cost-of-living index using $105,000 as the benchmark, noting that the income level is ideal for those living in North America. The statistics were then compiled by least amount to most amount needed.

According to the study, Delaware ranks at 35th, or, requiring an income of $113,295 a year to be happy.

The study suggests finding employment that pays over $110K might not be easy, but the unemployment rate in the First State is down from its peak, and that will help all residents.

Pennsylvania ranks 33rd on the list with an income of $107,625 and New Jersey is the highest of the tri-state region at 39th with $120,750 needed to reach happiness.

Mississippi was named the state with the lowest cost to reach happiness, $87,465, and Hawaii came in the top spot at $202,965.

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