Uncle of woman killed in Philadelphia bar shooting speaks out: 'When are people going to get fed up?'

James Holton's world was rocked when he got the news that his niece Jailene Holton was fatally shot at a bar in Northeast Philadelphia on Tuesday night. 

What began as a rare outing for the 21-year-old woman, who hardly ever drank or went out according to family, ended in tragedy at the Philly Bar & Restaurant. 

Authorities say 8th District officers responded to numerous reports of a shooting and found Holton suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. 

She was transferred to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital to undergo surgery, but she later died, police say. 

Holton's family says she was serving as the designated driver for a night out with a friend that began at Top Golf and ended at the bar. 

FOX 29 learned that a group of three men walked into the bar and one of them wanted to play billiards but was turned down because a billiards league was using the pool table. 

Authorities say the man began to cause a disturbance and he was escorted out of the bar with the two other men he arrived with. 

As the disturbance escalated, patrons in the bar were advised to stand at the back of the bar for their safety, sources told FOX 29's Steve Keeley. 

Jailene Holton, 21, is remembered by her family as a quiet woman who worked and didn't go out often. On a rare night out with a friend, she was killed when a man shot 15 times into the bar. 


According to police, the man then returned to a black or dark-colored pickup truck and fired 15 shots at the bar, striking the bar's brick wall 10 times while five bullets entered the bar's front window. 

One of those bullets fatally struck Holton in the head, according to police. 

Holton's uncle spoke to FOX 29 about his niece and expressed frustrations with gun violence in Philadelphia. 

"She was a good kid. She usually worked and went home," Holton said. "I mean she didn't go out often. Her friend called her up, she went out to Top Golf and then they came out here. They were only going to be here about 15 [to] 20 minutes and that's when the altercation broke out." 

"When are people going to get fed up with this reckless shooting in the city?" he asked. "Nobody does nothing. They get a mouthpiece for 20 seconds on TV and that's it and everybody's running around like the Wild West out here. I mean cowards!" 

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Holton's family pay for funeral expenses.