Video: Shot fired as innocent bystander thwarts robbery of woman in Fairmount

A person walking down a city street suddenly found themselves in the middle of a robbery that ended with them being that target of a shooting.

Police say the incident unfolded when a teen suspect tried to rob a 62-year-old woman on the 2700 block of Brown Street last week.

She was getting items from her car when the suspect pointed a revolver at her face, and told her not to move, according to authorities.


Video shows the moment a person passing by the crime interrupted the robbery.

The suspect backed away from the victim, then fired one shot at the bystander as he ran away.

No one was injured, and nothing was stolen.

Police say the suspect arrived in a 4-door car, possibly a Mazda 3, driven by a second suspect.

"It’s important that people are aware of these things as we've seen in that incident with the 2700 block of Brown Street just remaining vigilant and having other individuals remaining cognizant pays dividends for us," Captain Tyrell McCoy said

The Philadelphia Police Department said it would increase patrols in the city's 9th District due to an uptick of car break-ins and carjackings. Meanwhile, neighbors on Brown Street are left shaken by the robbery-turned-shooting that disrupted the typically quiet neighborhood. 

"This is a really kind of peaceful area, and apart from cars being broken into at night, we really don't have much crime," Mary Jones said.