'Viva Mexico!' Over 10K turn out to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day at Penn's Landing

Almost 13,000 people packed Penn’s Landing to enjoy everything about that beautiful country down south and celebrate Mexico’s independence.

Southwest Philadelphia resident Gloria Velazquez declared, "We are very happy we are very proud to be Mexican and American, too. We are proud!"

Pride in the heritage, culture and people of the neighbor to the south. That’s the theme people at the event spoke of repeatedly, at the celebration of 212 years of Mexico’s independence.


"Yes, it’s very beautiful to see a lot of children, a lot of grown-ups to come and enjoy this party and for this new generation to know more about all our different countries," said Velazquez.

"I think it’s lovely. This initiative is amazing! I feel very connected to my community, to my values, to my culture. The food is amazing, so yeah I’m enjoying it," said Elvira Ramirez, who was born in Mexico.

"Oh it’s amazing! it’s nice to see different people and also, like, how they dress and the culture. So it’s pretty cool and I’m also into trying different foods!" Oleg Smek, from Ukraine, said.

Most people at the event will say that’s absolutely one of the best parts of the day.

"Oh it’s fantastic we love Mexico and the food has been great. So I got a pineapple drink that had a lot more going on with it before until I got it down to this, but it was delicious. Very refreshing and a little spicy too!" said Peter Kasabach, of Trenton, New Jersey.

But, the Consul of Mexico says the day is about so much more than just fantastic food. It’s about celebrating shared history and traditions.

"We are friends, we are partners, we are allies - Mexico and United States. Of course we share a big border, a long, long border that unites us rather than divides us, " said Carlos Obrador Garrido, the Consul of Mexico.

"Yes I love that! Like you can also share our culture with other people that have never been able to visit in Mexico," Ramirez added.

And that’s what organizers hope everyone takes away from this celebration. A real sense of respect and appreciation for the Mexican people and their culture.