West Philadelphia Playground Still in Deplorable Conditions Following Shooting

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)-Two weeks ago a playground in a West Philadelphia neighborhood became a shooting scene.

Three people were hurt including a 10-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet in the middle of the day.

FOX29 Weekend anchor Karen Hepp was at that shooting scene, but what she found at that park may also make you angry for different reasons.

First of all the child has recovered. We're right by the zoo a place where hundreds of kids come every day, so it's stunning to a place right next door can be both disgusting and dangerous

No parent would want their kids to play here at Clayburn Lewis Park, the way we found it 3 weeks ago
Forget the trash, broken fencing, jagged glass and tiles you can twist an ankle in.

The back corner appears to be a sex for drug exchange littered with condom wrappers, baggies, spoons, blunt materials and burn marks.

The really upsetting part feces smeared all down this slide.

"I want to see it cleaned up and the kids be able to be free to go down to the playground," Pastor Cynthia Womack said.

It was actually named for the pastor's brother John Lewis, He and Clayburn were local boys who died in Vietnam

"When I drive by I see a whole bunch of people sitting in the playground Its pitch dark down there (not kids sitting in the playground? No no no. " Raymond Womack said.

It is grownups who don't care officials say who are part of the problem. Parks crews say as fast as they clean up, it's trashed again.

We first inspected the park because an innocent 10-year-old girl was shot while playing here at noontime, 3 weeks ago she's since recovered, is the park any better?

There is still feces, residue, still baggies, condom wrappers, plus obscene graffiti with pictures for the reading impaired.

The only person using the equipment is a smoker. Even though there's a sign all over telling you not too.

We called parks officials who quickly came out vowing action.