What happens to the body when inside a hot car

This heat can turn dangerous fast. Every summer first responders are dispatched to countless kids and pets carelessly left in cars.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell shows us what happens to the body when inside a hot car for just a few minutes where the temperature was around 155 degrees. He did this under the watchful eye of Philadelphia Fire Department Engine 38 paramedics. They also made sure he was healthy enough to do it.

He set a timer and started to sweat--immediately. Within 4 minutes, the GoPro died.

Philadelphia Fire Captain Kevin Carey took his heart rate and just 6 minutes in the car his blood pressure shot up 15 points. and his heart rate was up 10 beats a minute. It took about 20 minutes to get his body back to normal.

For kids and pets they may not have that long.

The issue is getting legislative attention. There are bills going through the Pennsylvania legislature that would to give legal protections to those who save people and animals from hot cars.