Woman found shot to death on living room floor in Frankford, police say

Investigators with the Philadelphia Police Department are working to learn more after a woman was found shot to death in Frankford. 

Police say the incident happened on Sunday night when officers received reports of a shooting inside an apartment building on the 1300 block of Arrott Street. 

Officers had difficulty getting into the apartment, according to authorities, but once inside they found a woman, 37, shot inside. 

Authorities say the woman was shot in the forearm as she was in a defensive position trying to protect herself and once in the chest, which was the fatal shot. 

She was pronounced dead inside the apartment, according to police. 


Two spent shell casings were found on scene near the victim suggesting she was shot at close range, authorities say. 

Police believe the motive of the shooting is domestic-related, Inspector D.F. Pace says. 

Investigators believe the woman was shot two to three hours before authorities received a call about the incident, according to Pace.