Woman's stomach pain caused by tool left behind during 2012 surgery

FOX News -- A woman in Russia who had a Caesarean section three years ago went to the hospital complaining of a terrible stomach ache only to be told that a surgical tool had been left behind during the operation.

Doctors through an X-ray discovered than a 20-centimeter clamp had been left in Aisina Zindusova's stomach during the 2012 procedure, Central European News (CEN) reported.

"I felt OK up until now, but I cannot believe I carried a clamp in my stomach for three years after my caesarean ," Zindusova told CEN.

"My back started to ache and I started to lose weight, then an X-ray found a clamp inside of me," she said.

According to CEN, an investigation has been launched into the hospital's practices and Aisina is considering a lawsuit.