World Series 2022: Will rain in Philadelphia's forecast dampen the possibility of a game?

The World Series is coming to Philadelphia and Citizens Bank Park Monday, but so is a very real possibility of some rain during game time.

Game 3 between the Houston Astros and the Phillies is set for Monday night in the City of Brotherly Love at 8:03 p.m.

Forecasters say there is a 70 percent chance of light rain showers starting around 7 p.m. and hanging on throughout game time, lingering into the overnight hours.


So, how do the teams determine when to get players off the field during a game where the stakes are high?

Phillies Manager Rob Thomson stated that Major League Baseball makes the weather call during playoff games. He said, "What they want to do is have a big enough window to start the game and finish the game. They do not want a rain delay. They don’t want one team to lose their starter and the other teams gets an advantage."

In discussing the intensity of any rainstorm, Thomson went on to add he thought MLB would allow a game to play if there was just light rain or misty conditions. "If it’s going to be moderate to heavy rain, they won’t start it."

Anyone headed to the game Monday night should take a jacket and an umbrella, but it might just be showers, so the possibility of seeing the game played to completion is a good one.

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