'Worth it': Travelers express no regrets about holiday trips at Philadelphia International Airport

The holidays can be hectic — add in packing presents and paying for extra bags. FOX 29 asked travelers landing at the Philadelphia Airport the day after Christmas, was it worth it?

“It was pretty hectic initially going because we had to pack all our presents,” said Binsy Alex, coming home from Dallas with two little kids.

Dressed in his Santa hat, Bill Barker did not need a sleigh. He lugged a pouch of presents through the Philadelphia airport: “$250 dollars worth of joy!”

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He did save on a free checked bag and says it was all worth it to see his granddaughter Sofia in York.

“Because we love her! And she is really a treasure,” said Barker.

Joe Alhadeff and his family do not travel light. They came home from a holiday in Salt Lake City with six bags, plus skis and snowboards.

“I’ve got a big snowboard bag I’ve got to locate at some point,” said Alhadeff. “It used to be a better bargain when the airlines didn’t charge so much for all the extra bags and stuff like that.”

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Still, the $160 dollars on extra luggage saved them a lot of money in rentals.

“Spending time with family is the present,” said Alhadeff.

Binsey Alex also says she got more for her buck. The travel costs to get home with her family, she says, is priceless: “The memories are what’s worth it.”

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