Wreath Thief: Gritty calls out thieves for stealing custom made wreath in his likeness

Some Flyers fans in South Philly just wanted to spread some Gritmas cheer when a real life Grinch stole their custom-made wreath.

The googly eyes! The orange fur! Who better to spread Christmas cheer than Gritty?

"I saw a wreath, I thought if I spray paint this orange and put some googly eyes it will look like Gritty," Dan Jackson said.

Jackson's partner, Tim Popp, posted about the stolen masterpiece on social media, and none other than Gritty joined the search to find those responsible and put them in the penalty box.

"If you don’t return the wreath. I will look for you. I will find you. And I will cake you," Grittty wrote. "Gritizens and internet sleuths alike, the case of the stolen Gritty wreath is in your hands now. Don’t let me down."

"I don’t know what heaven on earth feels like, but that’s pretty close," Jackson said.  "If we can’t get the wreath back it’s just as good knowing Gritty is out there looking out for us," added Popp.

In the meantime Jackson created Gritty Wreath 2.0.

"The eyes aren’t as googly, but they are just as manic as Gritty's," Popp said.

"If somebody tries to steal it, it will break apart because it is not put together very well," said Jackson.  "So if I can’t have it and someone wants to take it they can’t have it either."

As for a message for the thieves? 

Jackson just wants his wreath back, and if they don’t return it he hopes they at least feed it well.




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