$10,000 reward being offered after 2 dogs shot just days apart in Kingsessing

A Philadelphia neighborhood has become the scene of two recent dog shootings, one that tragically took the life of one innocent animal.

On March 27, a dog was found shot and terrified after crawling onto the porch of a home on the 1200 block of South 54th Street in Kingsessing.

She has been named Alexia by the Pennsylvania SPCA, and is on the road to recovery after a leg amputation and blood transfusion.


Just two days after Alexia was found, a second dog was found shot inside a trash bag just blocks away. Unfortunately, the dog succumbed to its injuries.

The PSPCA believes both shootings may be related.

"The details of what happened to Alexia and this second dog are still being revealed. We know that there are people out there with knowledge of what occurred," said Nicole Wilson, PSPCA Director of Humane Law Enforcement.

"She clearly has been through immense trauma and has come out on the other side," Director of Lifesaving with PSPCA, in Philadelphia, Maddie Bernstein said. "Obviously, she’s still recovering, but is just the sweetest, happiest little girl around."

Alexia is making great strides in her recovery.

"She sustained two gunshot wounds, one to her face, to her muzzle area and one to her shoulder," Bernstein explained.

Alexia had to undergo a leg amputation and needed a blood transfusion as part of her treatment.

"Seeing her resilience after encountering such trauma and that she still is really trusting with people and just really easy for us to handle. Such a lovely dog to have in the hospital," Bernstein continued.

A $10,000 reward provided by an anonymous donor is now being offered for any information leading to an arrest and conviction in connection to the shootings.

"An extremely generous donor stepped up to provide $10,000 to someone who can provide information about a situation, about either Alexia or this other dog who, sadly, didn't make it," Bernstein added. "The investigation is definitely ongoing and we will do everything we can to get justice for her."

The PSPCA is hoping the person or people responsible will be caught before another innocent animal is hurt. Anyone with any information regarding the shooting is urged to contact the PSPCA at 866-601-SPCA.

Anyone wanting to donate to help with Alexia's care and treatment can do so on the PSPCA website, here.