2 arrested in suspected intentional dog attack of cat in Frankford, authorities say

Two juveniles are facing charges after authorities said they let their dogs viciously attack a cat as it was sitting on the front porch of a home in Frankford. 

The Pennsylvania SPCA shared video Tuesday of two people walking their dogs past a house in Frankford when they spot a cat, later identified as Buddy, on the front porch of a home. 

The dogs lunged towards the cat and the person holding the leash allows them to walk onto the porch closer to the cat. 

The suspects then drops the dogs leashes, allowing them to attack the defenseless cat. The two suspects watched the vicious attack from the sidewalk until the homeowner opened the front door and shooed them away. 

Buddy suffered life-threatening injuries from the attack that required round the clock monitoring at the SPCA's Philadelphia headquarters, the organization said. Buddy is still in critical condition, but veterinarians are "cautiously optimistic." 

The Pennsylvania SPCA on Friday said two juveniles, 12 and 17, are facing charges of animal fighting, felony aggravated animal cruelty and a conspiracy. The unnamed dogs that are believed to have attacked Buddy are also in SPCA custody. 

"While this act of cruelty was especially shocking in its intentional nature, the outpouring of support for Buddy the cat and the effort to bring the offenders to justice has been overwhelming," CEO of the Pennsylvania SPCA Julie Klim said.




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