3 busloads of migrants from Texas arrive in Philadelphia: 'Very good to be in this town'

Three more migrant buses sent from Texas arrived in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning with over 120 asylum seekers from several countries on board. 

City officials say 77 of the 125 passengers that arrived at 30th Street Station were taken to Philadelphia's welcoming facility on East Luzerne Street. 

Many of the migrants traveled to America from Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. 

So far there have been a dozen buses of migrants sent to Philadelphia by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott since Nov. 16, according to the city. 


Several taxpayer funded departments and non-profit organizations have joined together to provide migrant travelers with health screening, shelter, food and water, and legal and social services.

"These are people they’ve traveled on foot through many countries they’ve fled torture, persecution and then to arrive, be given the stamp to come into the country, and then be thrown on a bus unceremoniously is outrageous," Catheryn Miller-Wilson from HIAS PA said.

In a Wednesday evening press release, the city said it's not aware of additional buses traveling to Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia was recently added to Gov. Abbott's list of sanctuary cities to receive migrants, joining Washington D.C., New York City and Chicago. 

Mayor Jim Kenney called Abbott's plan "cruel and racist," and has accused the Republican governor of using the migrants as "pawns to shamelessly push their warped political agenda."

Travelers who spoke to FOX 29's Jeff Cole appeared happy to be in Philadelphia, with many planning to find family living outside the region. 

"He said he's very, very good to be in this town and he's very happy because he's in the U.S. and the government of Cuba is a problem at this moment," a traveler translated.