5 spectacular spots in America’s Garden Capital to see this summer

Chanticleer Garden

Pennsylvania scenery does not disappoint. From the heart-stopping views of Philadelphia in any direction, to breathtaking panoramic views of Pittsburgh from the Duquesne Incline to the gentle mountain scenes of the Appalachian Mountains, the scenery in the Commonwealth never lets visitors or residents down.

Southeastern Pennsylvania is known as the garden capital of America and there are over 35 public gardens, offering a variety of unique experiences, the most famous being Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square. But there are smaller, more out-of-the-way locations, not as large as Longwood in scale and just as stunning.

For even the casual garden observer, taking a stroll through any of these settings, no matter what time of year, a person can’t help but be awed by nature’s abundant beauty.

Bucks County

The Gardens at Mill Fleurs

Driving through Bucks County, you might not know of The Gardens at Mill Fleurs, but as you pull into the drive, you are at once surrounded by an intense vision of color. Barbara Tiffany and her husband, Robert, co-own the unique setting. They created an astounding oasis, tucked away on the Tohickon Creek, in Point Pleasant, near the Delaware River, about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

The Gardens at Mill Fleurs

The Gardens at Mill Fleurs

The couple purchased the once former bed and breakfast in 1993, though by then it was rundown. They turned their seemingly impossible property into a positively incredible vision, with a stunning array of plants. You can see their vision for yourself. Find more information on hours and days open on their website.


Regional gardening: The Gardens at Mill Fleurs

The Gardens at Mill Fleurs offers the public a stunning visual array of color and variety, tucked away peacefully by a creek in Bucks County.

Andalusia Historic House, Gardens & Arboretum

In an unassuming location right off State Road, in Andalusia, directly on the Delaware River, stands the Andalusia Historic House, Gardens and Arboretum.

The "Big House," as it is known, is on the National Historic Register and was a private home for 200 years. It is a stunning example of Greek Revival architecture with wonderful views of the Delaware River.

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Andalusia Historic House, Gardens & Arboretum

The gardens have been in place since the inception of the house and is the site of the first meetings of the Garden Club of Philadelphia and the Garden Club of America. Extensive paths lead visitors to various garden "rooms" featuring a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees throughout a peaceful walkabout of the property. The Rose Garden, located a short walk from the house, is not to be missed, with its wide variety of roses.

Chester County

Brandywine Conservancy

While the Brandywine River Museum, home of the Wyeth family of painters, may be well-known to many in the Delaware Valley, what may not be as well-known is the Brandywine Conservancy, which is situated on the museum property and works in partnership with the museum.

Located in bucolic Chadds Ford, the conservancy’s mission is about protecting the natural resources of the Brandywine-Christina Watershed.

Begun in 1967, the work of the Conservancy involves protecting the natural environment of the Brandywine Valley. Since its inception, the Conservancy has grown its outreach to further the mission to other locales in Pennsylvania, including areas in Montgomery County and Westmoreland County, near Pittsburgh, as well as in northern Delaware.

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Brandywine Conservancy and Brandywine River Museum

The Conservancy engages in conservation education for communities as part of its mission, including open space planning and working with municipalities on zoning, along with stormwater management and developing green infrastructure.

While the offices and museum sit next to the Brandywine River, offering beautiful year-round views of just the landscape, there are a network of trails stretched from Chadds Ford and additional areas, including near Coatesville and near Devon, along with areas in western Pa.

The museum itself is the home of the collection of Wyeth Family art. Works of art by illustrator, painter and family founder, N.C. Wyeth, along with his son Andrew, grandson Jamie, as well as his other children and their spouses are displayed in the museum. The museum also offers a variety of other painters, many local to the Chester County and Philadelphia areas, including George Weymouth and Howard Pyle, the teacher who began the movement in the region. Along with these works, the museum displays a variety of shows throughout the year of outside artists. Additionally, the museum is well known for the Christmas train display.

Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens, located in Kennett Square, is a world renowned 1,100-acre garden extraordinaire, once a private estate owned by Perre DuPont, and transformed into a public garden experience of splendor, as per his wish upon his death in 1954.

There is much to see and do, year-round, at this Chester County mainstay, with extensive outside gardens, separated by type and landscape, as well as the indoor Conservatory, with its many distinctive rooms. From cacti, to the tropics, to roses and the brilliance of the orchids – the Conservatory could be its own garden center, with so much to see.

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Longwood Gardens

There are children’s gardens, both indoors and out, and many unique features based on seasons, from the glorious fountain displays to the treasured Christmas season.

Longwood Gardens Christmas

Longwood draws visitors from all over the world and is a treasure of the Delaware Valley.

Delaware County

Chanticleer Garden

Nestled in the heart of Delaware County, Chanticleer Garden is a sumptuous experience, filled with much for the eye to absorb. Even the casual gardener will find the vistas appealing and worthwhile.

Situated in Wayne, Pennsylvania, the Chanticleer Foundation owns 50 acres and 35 of those are open to the public. The main garden experience is an extraordinary path of just under a mile.

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Chanticleer Garden

There is much to see, and there is a striking balance of colors, shapes and textures as you find yourself walking among forests, streams, shaded respites and glorious sunny locales. All along the way are benches and chairs tucked into the landscape, inviting you to sit and soak in the peaceful calm of the landscape.

We are fortunate to have such an abundance of beautiful and peaceful places to stroll, taking in all that is perfect of nature right here in our backyard. More information on Philadelphia-area garden trips can be found at visitPA.com.