5-year-old 'accidentally' shot by father while standing on porch in Olney, police say

An ‘accidental’ shooting left a 5-year-old boy injured as he stood on the front porch of his home in the middle of the day Monday, according to police.

The young boy was found struck in the hip on Fisher Street in Philadelphia's Olney section. He was transported to a local hospital, where he is said to be stable.

In a press conference Monday, police said the boy's father "handled the gun in a way that accidentally discharged" from inside the house.

Family, friends and the boy's 9-year-old brother were also in the house at the time.

"We are fully confident that the people we have now are ultimately responsible for that shooting," Captain James Kearney said.


The boy's father was under house arrest at the time, according to authorities. 

While the handgun involved in the shooting has not been recovered, police say a shotgun was found during a search of the home.

"Whoever got kids in your house, and you got a weapon, your duty is to properly put it out," said Osmond Mcdougall, a neighbor who spoke to FOX 29's Kelly Rule. "What kind of parents are you?" 

A spent shell casing was also taken from the scene, according to authorities who say they are tracking the missing evidence.

Officials say the father will face firearms possession charges, but charges in connection to the shooting are still unclear.

"People that are prohibited, people that are convicted, should not be having guns to begin with, that alone in this case would’ve sufficed that safety aspect," said Captain Kearney. "People should secure their guns in a responsible, effective, manner."