7 children removed from Bucks County trailer home with 'unsanitary' conditions, police say

Seven children were removed from their home in Bucks County after officers found them to be living in "unsanitary" and "unsafe" conditions, police say. 

According to the Pennridge Regional Police Department, on April 23, 2023, officers responded to the 600 block of Roseann Lane in West Rockhill Township for a report of three children entering an abandoned trailer. Officers returned the children to their home and found inadequate living conditions, including a pad lock on the refrigerator. 

Authorities say the children's parents said the lock was put there because the family had little money and they wanted to prevent the children from eating all the food. 

Responding officers filed a report with Bucks County Children and Youth before returning with a representative from the department later in the day. 

While investigating, four more children were found hidden in a back bedroom in the trailer home, police say. 


According to officials, the living conditions of the home were found to be unsafe by both responding officers and the investigator from Bucks County Children and Youth. 

The seven children were removed from the trailer home and placed in protective custody, authorities say. 

Interviews with the children revealed they lacked basic knowledge, including their birthdays. Additionally, the children showed signs of social anxiety, disclosing to interviewers that they did not like being around other people, officials say. 

Investigators say the children were also found to be clinically underweight due to malnutrition and they lacked personal hygiene. 

According to police, two of the children had to have their heads shaved due to severe hair matting, one child needed extensive dental treatment and several of the children needed corrective eye care. 

Police say the parents, Shane William Robertson and Crystal Robertson, were charged with seven felony counts each of endangering the welfare of children.